I was happy to be asked to create a crest for the Women's Aroostook Roller Derby.
The team consists of American and Canadian players. 
Big fan of this team, hope to see them again soon!

My brother-in-law is a huge super hero fan, so I did this 
piece for him as a Christmas present.

The Magic Lasso of Aphrodite
Don't you wish you had a rope that would 
make people tell the truth!
Currently I've been playing in a 50s, 60s era style rock band here in Moncton. 
I did my best to visualize our sound with this crest.
Rhythmic and fun, Soaring Sirens mixes danceable rock with visceral vocal hooks.
           Imbued with 50's rock and proto punk grit to move body, mind, and soul. 
We would love you to friend us on facebook:)
This Mario design was created for the Pixel Love art show.
The event showcased video game inspired works from
Canadian and international artists.
Paranerd(my favorite melodic, electronic musician)
commissioned this piece for a Automaton Night poster. 
Automaton Night is an experimental music event
with an assortment of talented acts. I'm 
looking forward to the next one!
Looking at this dream like piece almost 
makes you a little bit sleepy.

You'll notice the monster has evolved
flower like eye camouflage. Laying still
in the flower bush he waits for his pray 
before lunging forth!

Wolverine has always been my favorite. I give 
the costume a bit of a twist and use a gritty style
to match Logan's personality.
Batman, posed for bataranging baddies.
Next time I'm going full Adam West.

This background was created for a friend's film.
I'm unsure what happened to the film, but 
I bet it's big in Japan.

Will robots ever truly appreciate
the nuances of analog?
Another poster design!
Once in a while I throw a little swaray at the house. Sometimes
I even make a poster. Past acts have included; Thee Requiems, The Kamalas
Myles Deck and the Fuzz, Morse Code Alphabet, Sleepless Nights, 
The Tirless Sedans, Jonah Hache, and Colonial Quarrels.
All unbelievably talented acts!

This background was created for a friend's film.
He's now currently the creator/writer/artist of 
http://brainslug.com. Check him out!
I did this piece for MAGMA. Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area.
A not-for-profit organization actively involved in the settlement and adjustment of
new immigrants and refugees since 1980. Might I add they also throw 
some great multicultural celebrations!
Moncton's 'Strive Presents' commisioned this piece 
for a rave. Eye liked doing this poster.
I'm told this piece of mine was used in a digital pinball machine.
I'd like to play it if that's the case, maybe 
someone could send me a link?

This was an experiment in color and contrast.
Can you see the shadowy figure?